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Editorial 9-11
Sept. 11 reflection still appropriate
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It’s been 15 years. That’s quite a long time, yet most adults still remember where they were, and what they were doing, that Tuesday morning when two planes crashed into the World Trade Center.
The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks killed 2,996 people and injured over 6,000 more. Families still grieve for loved ones who were lost. Children still long for parents who will never return.
Most of the people who died Sept. 11 were everyday citizens who had just started what they believed was another day at the office. Others were firemen, police officers, and rescue workers who bravely charged into the World Trade Center with the hope of saving lives.
These people deserve to be remembered and this country, as a whole, can reflect on the influence Sept. 11 made on the United States.
The attacks led to more government eavesdropping on our personal lives as America looked to strike the proper balance between safety and privacy. Airport security was targeted as an area that needed upgrades and patience-challenging lines now await passengers boarding planes.
The Sept. 11 attacks led to two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Ongoing turmoil in the Middle East has produced a constant state of instability and led to terrorists developing cells throughout the region. Global tension still exists between countries, but just as threatening are the terrorist cults with no national affiliation. These extremists are engrossed in endless plots to kill innocent people for no other reason than to inflict pain and suffering.
The world is a dangerous place and no level of safety and security can prevent every terrorist attack from happening.
Sunday, the 15th anniversary of 9/11, should be a day where we once again rekindle American pride and pay tribute to those who weren't as fortunate as we are. For thousands of Americans, they were not lucky enough to survive the terrorist attacks. It is only fitting we pause for a moment in their memory.