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Editorial 7-30
We expect more than a presidential bully
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During the first six months of the Trump administration, the President of the United States is developing a misguided agenda.President Trump's top priorities thus far appear to be attacking America's attorney general, attacking the former White House chief of staff, attacking the former FBI director, and attacking anyone else who may wander into his field of vision with an opinion different than his own.When President Trump isn't on the ambush, his newly appointed chief spokesman has been busy dropping F-bombs and berating White House officials on Twitter.All this raises the point of exactly what does the Trump administration hope to accomplish for Americans? If the first six months are any indication, Trump has been channeling his energy toward slinging nasty insults, not crafting meaningful legislation.Trump's presidency thus far can best be described as a carnival. He's been the chief hawker yelling at everyone within earshot and trying to get them to play games they can't win.Particularly troubling has been the overall tone of his presidency, which is not the least bit uplifting.