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This and That - Half cups and silver linings

So here we all are in the unknown. 

Keeping a cup that's half full mentality has been harder lately. I miss the sense of freedom and having choices. I worry about those who have lost jobs, small businesses who have to shut their doors, does everyone have enough of what they need, workers who have to be at work, and I wonder will there be a solution soon or soon enough.

Times like these put things in perspective. We still have blessings to count and the hope that this too shall pass. One thing that we have taken for granted is time. Now some of us have more of it on our hands. When we need it we don’t have it, and when we have it, we don’t know what to do with it.

I think about Keith Haring an artist dying of AIDS shared that he had so much he wanted to do but time was running out. Not everyone has time. Even time is a gift.

What can we do now? Reach out to family, friends and neighbors by phone and ask how they are doing. Stay in touch with one another. I miss people the most during this strange time. I miss the connection to others by seeing them in person. I like to see expressions on faces. I miss seeing smiles.

Too much news can weigh down your spirit. It can feel like you absorb others’ sorrow and pain while being helpless to offer a hand. News is important and it is beneficial to be informed, but be sure to take a break and exhale. 

Step outside and look around. The blooms are working overtime and the birds are sharing their songs.

I can worry about and overthink most anything. I just try to see the silver linings so they aren’t forgotten. We are witnesses to acts of kindness, support and grace every day. Maybe we didn’t slow down to see it, but we can now. We can even participate. Share a kind word, say thank you, give your smile to someone and be sweet. 

You can hear a smile over the phone. Try it and see.

I had hoped to make this light-hearted and witty. I feel clunky and disoriented with how things have been the last few weeks. 

I keep the faith that we will get through this and be stronger on the other side. I look forward to seeing my parents inside their house, visiting with friends while sitting in a restaurant, shaking hands, supporting our small businesses and seeing the smiles. 

In the meantime, share your positive energy the best way you can. As Dolly Parton says, “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Standard reporter Jennifer Woods can be reached at 473-2191.