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This and That - The good, bad and ugly of now

It has been odd times here lately with fears and panic over coronavirus. We should take it seriously and take care of ourselves. Being mindful of where you go and who you are in contact with is part of controlling further spreading of the virus. Being kind and taking care of others in need is not something that should be forgotten as well.

I have been involved with a couple of groups recently that have pulled up their sleeves and put this notion in motion. They are giving back to their Warren County community. They are working hard and making good things happen.

First was my story about the Warren County Senior Center offering curbside pick-up lunches. They expanded this endeavor to Monday, Wednesday and Friday to feed more folks. Through a generous donation they now can offer free meals and even deliver to folks who are over 60 years old in the community who can’t get out. More help was called in to cook and prepare the meals, but it is still a skeleton crew at the center making this happen. 

Those who are under 60 and can drive to the center are still encouraged to place lunch orders at the original $4 price. The money goes right back to the center and will go toward future lunches and events. The only complaint I heard was one person’s dislike of vegetables. That’s just a personal preference and not too bad.

My second experience was this Saturday at a free food event that was being planned three months ago before coronavirus arrived close to home. The day came for anyone who wanted to pick up free food. Yes, FREE food. There wasn’t a criteria of who and why, just show up and you get a box of food.

It was busy and cars lined up for miles. People were lined up hours before the time to start the distribution. Volunteers were everywhere hustling to get boxes together with food supplies. They did their best in creating a variety for each box. It was over 22,000 pounds of food to go through. 

While there I could hear some people in vehicles yelling “hurry it up” and getting agitated by the long line and waiting. I hoped none of the volunteers heard this, but it was the goal of the yeller not to be ignored. I thought there’s always a bad apple that spoils the bunch.

I was amazed by the spirit of giving that was happening there. So many volunteers smiling and working hard on a cold, windy day on their own time.  When I followed up on the event I heard about the ugly.

People complained that they didn’t get this or that. They waited a long time and it wasn’t what they wanted. Sigh. 

I hope the volunteers realize they helped so many people who appreciated the event and their efforts more than they know. Their work and gifts were received with more love than not. Let’s remember the kindness of others and not be so self-involved or motivated during this time or any time. Do better and be better.

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