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Worley doesn't let age stand in the way of her education
Lorie Lynn Myers Worley stands between parents Jack and Carol Myers after receiving her diploma from Kent State.

Many would-be students see age as an obstacle to continuing their education, but some have tackled it to prove that you’re never too old for school. 

This includes Warren County native Lorie Lynn Myers Worley, who recently received a master of science degree in User Experience Design from Kent State University in Ohio.

Lorie, 56, explained that she faced several challenges, but it’s been its one of the best things she’s done for herself. She’s spent the past two years completing her degree online.

“In 2008, my husband died suddenly from cardiac arrest and I spent about a year in shock and another two years grieving,” said Lorie. “I decided I needed to do something for myself so a friend helped me enroll at Kent State.”

During the first semester, Lorie fell and broke her leg in two places leaving her bedridden for three months. She depended on friends and neighbors for the interview portion of her assignments. Then the next year, she broke her foot resulting in a severe break that required surgery. She was bedridden for two months for that injury.

“I loved what I was studying so much that it was at the forefront of everything,” said Lorie. “There were plenty of times I thought how am I ever going to get through it, but I would take it one step at a time.”

Lorie explained that through her new degree, she can improve products or services like websites or apps which make a person’s life easier. She’s hoping to apply it in her current job. Lori lives in Cookeville and has worked at Tennessee Tech as a graphic designer for the past 12 years and is responsible for designing everything from stickers to banners for the university.

“Education is never a waste of time,” said Lorie. “Time is going to pass anyway whether you do it or not and if you do nothing, you’ll be in the same place you’ve always been.”

As for advice for those considering furthering their education, Lorie suggests researching online. 

“Even if you have a busy life, an online program is very doable,” said Lorie. “There are plenty of programs out there for all kinds of things and the online format is more accommodating.”