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WCMS gets in the spirit
wcms festive
WCMS students participating in the dress-up day Friday are, from left, Annelise Gribble, Chelsea Keel, Nevaeh Johnson, Kelsi Caten, and Parker Higley. Second row, Jenna Jones, Ainsley Hodges, Willow Durant, Livia Jaco, principal Alisa Rice, Anniston Swallows, Anna Graves, and Ally Hart.

The WCMS band played a concert for the entire student body Friday morning, the first time since COVID the entire school has assembled together.

“The last time was when I was a sixth-grader,” said eighth-grader Hope Gilley. “We didn’t have one at all last year, not with all of us together.”

Such a special occasion was cause to dress up. 

WCMS students and teachers donned their most festive Christmas attire on Friday, highlighted by school principal Alisa Rice, who went all-in with her impressive elf costume.

“It’s great to do something like this and to have so many people participate,” said Rice. “After what we’ve gone through, we need things like this to get us back together so we can have a little fun.”

Hope Gilley and Lola Wells had the most interesting outfit of the day. They were joined together at the hip, or rather by one giant Christmas sweater which they shared. The girls demonstrated how they can even sit down together while wearing the outfit.

“It works because I’m left-handed,” said Ella, who was on the left side of the sweater.

Parker Higley pointed out his costume included socks from the movie “Elf” with Will Ferrell’s character.

Nearly every teacher dressed up to some degree, including seventh-grade teacher Kara Fuston.

“The kids enjoy seeing us dress like this,” said Fuston.

So what do kids want for Christmas this year?

“World peace,” joked Hope in beauty pageant fashion.

Shoes, concert tickets, gift cards and cash were popular items mentioned. The students say there is not a must-have Christmas toy or gadget they are aware of this season.

As for the band concert which brought everyone together, the 6th grade band played a concert that was followed by a 7-8 grade concert.

“For the sixth-graders, they are playing instruments they’ve only played for a few months,” said Rice. “So they’ve gone from learning the basics to playing a concert. It’s great for them to get up on stage and for their peers to watch them play.”

Songs included “Santa the Barbarian” and a medley of “Nutcracker” songs. 

“The songs they played were actually really difficult and they played them well,” said Rice.

Schools have an abbreviated week this week with Friday being the traditional two-hour day before Christmas break.