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WCHS Homecoming 2013
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For the second year in a row, Warren County High School’s Homecoming Parade was held the night before the big game. Last year, the parade was changed to Thursday night to encourage community involvement and was once again a success as most of the parade route was filled with Pioneers fans.
Students rose to the occasion and created various ways to obliterate their opponent for Friday night’s homecoming game, the White County Warriors.
Freshmen encouraged the Pioneers to “Whac-A-Warrior,” reminiscent of the famous “Whac-A-Mole” game where moles emerging from the ground are whacked on the head for points. On the float, a Pioneer holds a huge mallet waiting to whack the Warrior on his head as he emerges from a hole in the ground.
Sophomores delighted the crowd with their float design, “Douse the Warriors.” The float had Pioneer Jake riding in a fire truck and manning a working hose dousing a pile of Warriors. The Warriors were smoldering on the ground.
“Pioneers Rock the Warriors” was the theme for the junior class float. The float had a football player setting off TNT which shot confetti out of a huge boulder. The boulder was covering a Warrior lying on the ground underneath it.
“Warrior Wipeout” was the theme of the senior class float. The float showcased a Pioneer surfing a huge wave right over a Warrior.
WCHS sponsors Judy Thomas and Jackie Powers were very impressed with the junior class members they worked with who worked on the float.
”This was the only float where only kids worked on the float. They had no parental help at all. All we did was make sure they stayed safe and made sure they had what they needed. These kids thought up the aerodynamics of how to shoot confetti out of the cannons all by themselves. They sketched everything out. All socio-economic classes worked together and they all got along great. I am very proud of them all,” said Thomas.
The California Club brought flavor and color to the parade. The club features Hispanic students dressed in authentic Mexican attire including colorful skirts and flowing shirts, dancing authentic Mexican dances. McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley donned a sombrero and rode the California Club’s float.
The homecoming court was showcased as class representatives rode in convertibles and waved to the crowd. The girls looked lovely in their formal dresses and the boys looked handsome in their tuxedos.
Following the parade, the football players, cheerleaders, Pioneerettes, band and homecoming representatives made their way to Nunley Stadium for a pep rally. Band director Duane Farnham and football coach Tommy Johnson rallied the crowd for a hopeful homecoming win.