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Walking a mile in their shoes
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Friday night was a chance for several men in the community to put their best foot forward to raise money for Dibrell School. For some of them, that foot was wearing a high-heeled shoe.A male beauty pageant was one of the highlights at Dibrell’s Fall Festival – hairy legs and all. With badly applied make-up and some of the worst figures you’ve ever seen, 13 contestants combined to raise $874 and rake in several laughs along the way.“If a woman ever asks me to walk a mile in her shoes, I will gladly decline,” said art teacher Jonathan Myers, who admitted he had trouble walking in his size 12 high heels and nearly wiped out on a Skittle on the Dibrell gym floor.“My biggest concern was that my dress would fit when I got there because I sure wasn’t about to try it on at Goodwill,” said Myers.At 6-foot-5 and 325 pounds, Ryan Mason had a hard time finding a dress that would fit – a wedding dress no less.“The only dress that would fit me was a size 27,” said Mason.