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Students help decide cafeteria menu for next year
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Morrison Elementary sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students are making important decisions that will affect next year’s school menu. According to Warren County school nutrition director Jean Wix, the students and staff participated in a taste test Monday to determine the best quality food products that meet new federal guidelines.
“The purpose is to get products that are suitable for the students,” said Wix. “We feel if we serve the children and keep them well fed and nourished, it will be conducive to their learning process.”
Seventh-grader Kami Roberson was very excited about the tasting, and realized the importance their roles play in choosing food for the cafeteria.
“I’m sorry to say I don’t usually like cafeteria food, and I bring my lunch most of the time,” said Roberson. “This food is good, though, and I will be happy to eat this in the cafeteria.”
The group sampled products such as beef patties, pizza chicken patties and strips, meatballs,  peanut butter uncrustable sandwiches and sausage gravy breakfast pizza. Even though many of these items are currently on the school’s menu, they sampled different varieties and brands to get the most popular choice. Some of the meat choices were low-sodium varieties. 
Children are like everyone else, with their specific likes and dislikes. Alex Irvin really enjoyed tasting and grading the products.
“I like everything I have tasted so far, but my favorite is the cheese dip and chips,” said Irvin.
Warren County’s taste test will affect four other counties: Cannon, Franklin, Moore and Lincoln when it comes to school lunches. 
“We are surveying the consumers on their likes and dislikes, and getting their feedback on why they like or dislike a certain food item,” said Wix. “Our big thing is customer satisfaction, and we want our children and teachers happy and well fed.”