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Singing a new tune
Jeff Soule.jpg

Local musician Jeff Soule is cruising into the holiday spirit and has released a Christmas song with the help of fellow singer Jere’ Webber. 

The song is titled “Christmas Cruising” and is a holiday love song that Webber describes as “cozy.”

“Well, from my perspective, Jeff created a smooth guitar piece, I added lyrics. He had the great idea to turn our song into a Christmas song, and then together we reworked some of the lines to fit into a cozy Christmas love song,” said Webber. 

Soule has been wanting to write a Christmas song for a while. 

“I’ve always wanted to write a Christmas song, and I acquired some real horse sleigh bells a couple years ago and have been dying to use them” said Soule. 

Webber lives in Texas, but they did not let distance get in the way of creating their song. The singers were able to collaborate online to create this Christmas tune. 

“Since Jere’ lives in Texas, the process of writing this was online through a website called Sessions, where we can upload and download each other’s tracks, keep the splits and other business info, change lyrics and edit things in real time. It’s a great songwriting collaboration tool because it keeps everything in one place and we can work at our leisure,” said Soule. 

The song is out now and can be found essentially anywhere you can stream music: Spotify, Apple, Sirius XM, Pandora, Youtube, etc. Soule will also have the song available to purchase on his website,, as well as other places that sell music. Soule also has many other songs available to listen to on his website and other streaming services. 

Get into the Christmas spirit and check out the new song.