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Paula's Dance Academy presents annual recital
Dance recital Bree
One of Paula’s Dance Academy’s seasoned dancers is Bree Hayes. Here she performs to “Battlefield” with a routine she choreographed. Approximately 160 dancers of varying ages performed two nights in the annual recital.
Dance Recital race car drivers
Race car drivers, front row from left, Harley Peterson, Ava Elam and Kadynce Kirby, and at back, Lorelie Griffith and Aubrey Silvus celebrate their performance to “Ride.”
Dance Recital Avery
Cute dinosaurs represented the field of archaeology with Avery Bryant and fellow dancers keeping the beat with an inflatable dinosaur.

In today’s world, girls are encouraged to be what they want to be and to strive for success in their chosen field. 

This message can be conveyed through dance, as presented at Paula’s Dance Academy recital, “Dream, Work and Achieve.” The recital was held Friday and Saturday nights for approximately 160 students of varying ages at Warren County Middle School auditorium. 

Several different career choices were represented, ranging from baseball players and surgeons, to nurses and fashion designers. 

“We had some routines and some fun numbers we wanted to include so this theme was a perfect choice for us,” said dance academy owner Paula Barnes. “They showcase girl empowerment and encourages success for everyone.” 

The auditorium was filled to capacity both nights, with attendees wowed by the range of talent presented by the students. Professional lighting and sound were provided by Brian Madaris. 

Dance mom Melissa McCormick and a host of volunteers and parents worked diligently backstage to make costume and make-up changes for the dancers. 

McCormick, who is a nurse, was caught attaching a nurse’s cap to her daughter Emma’s head during one of the transformations. 

“I thought it was neat she got to be a nurse tonight, since that’s my chosen vocation,” said McCormick. 

Emma said she has been taking dance for a full year, and she loves dance class, but doesn’t enjoy wearing tights all day. 

Barnes has been presenting awesome and entertaining recitals for many years, with each one special in its own way. She points out she doesn’t do it alone and appreciates her parents, helpers and volunteers. This year she has received more assistance from daughter and dancer Jennifer Mu. 

Students can enroll for fall classes now and can participate in several summer camps. For more information about upcoming events, call 931-473-0505.