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Morrison's Halloween Hoot
Safety goggles, a hammer and a lace blouse dont seem to go together, but student Katielynn Johnson makes it work as she prepares to take a hit on a vehicle at the car bash.

Morrison School’s Halloween Hoot started out with a bang, as students and visitors were able to literally take swings at a junked car in the car bash. They could then go throw a baseball to register the fastest time against the speed gun.
“We had the car bash before, and decided to bring it back because the children love it so much,” said principal Kim Cantrell.    
A variety of fun games were available for students to enjoy, with many in their Halloween or book character attire. The marble art booth was a busy place, with aspiring artists creating one-of-a-kind art from marbles rolling in paint. Students bringing food items to be donated to the Family Resource Center received a discount on the game arm band.
Morrison math instructor Stephanie George was cloaked in darkness, inviting visitors to let her tell their fortunes, while others played it safe and spent time in the video room.
Students brought money all week in an effort to put their teacher in chains and orange convict attire. The four top teachers were Nina Smith, Teresa Shrum, Carrie Stotts and Chris Roberson, with the group working the hallways seeking bail money the night of the festival.
In keeping with the Halloween theme, decorated pumpkins were displayed for viewing and voting for awards. A sweet shop offered delicious items for purchase, some decorated for the spooky holiday.
The school cafeteria also featured student’s pumpkins, with visitors enjoying a meal of barbecue, hot dogs, chips and desserts.
Various theme baskets were displayed in the school gymnasium, as well as assorted gift certificates going to the highest bidder. The buy-it-now auction was a hit, with many making immediate purchases.
The evening was topped off with the announcing of the Morrison royalty, Duke and Duchess, Sam Page and Samantha Hobbs; Prince and Princess, Lake Sadlon and Maddie Hollon; and Queen and King, Taylor Lyle and Tucker Wanamaker.