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Moore pens song 'Radiant' for Wild Ponies
Mariah Grace Moore penned "Radiant", a song sung by Wild Ponies.

Doug and Telisha Williams of the country duo Wild Ponies are mentors in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s Words and Music program. The program nurtures school-age songwriters, and upon receiving a song written by 12-year-old Mariah Grace Moore, the Williams knew they had to pursue it.       
They were so impressed with her words, they have given her co-writer credits on the song featured on their new album, “Radiant,” which is also the title of Moore’s song. Even though they wrote all of the music, they insist the idea behind “Radiant” solely belongs to Moore.
Moore could have missed her opportunity if it hadn’t been for the diligence of the Country Music Hall of Fame. They assisted in getting in touch with Moore, who is now 15 and lives in Shelbyville.
She was a sixth-grader at Aiken Elementary and with encouragement from a music teacher, entered the contest. “Radiant” is the first song ever for Moore to pen, but she hopes there will be others in the future.
“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about, but after looking around at some of the others, I knew I had to make mine different,” said Moore.
After moving on to another school, no one knew how to get in touch with her with the good news. A teacher did assist with the process and she was told one afternoon two years after the writing of the song.
“I was so excited, my Mom and I were really happy and shouting when I found out,” said Moore.
The first time the song was performed by Wild Ponies, the entire class was at the Hall of Fame, that is everyone but Moore. She was in the hospital with pneumonia and missed it.
She is happy with the fact she is listed as a songwriter at the Hall of Fame, and her name is on the recording label. Even though she hasn’t received any royalties, and may not, she is happy with the outcome.
“Winning this competition has given me great confidence in myself, and hope to write more songs,” said Moore.
She is the daughter of Joshua and Michelle Hattaway Moore, and granddaughter of Ronnie and Shirley Hattaway of Morrison.