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Making memories
1 Shawn and Coralee Land
Margaret Hobbs photos A huge paper mache masque provides a perfect backdrop for commemorative photos. Shawn and Coralee Land take advantage of the prop, which was designed and made by Jenny Boyd.

For 22 years girls of all ages have felt special because of the Father Daughter Date Night, sponsored for the last five years by First National Bank. The fun event was first presented by Grand Rental Station and was held in the gymnasium of Bobby Ray Memorial.

According to bank representative Anne Vance, 366 tickets were sold to this year’s event.

“We had so many requests, we did add a few more tables, but we don’t know how much bigger we can get,” said Vance. “It is a special time for families, and we just enjoy bringing it to them and being a part of it.”

“A Night at the Masquerade” was the chosen theme, with every girl receiving her own mask and a commemorative photo frame. Purple, black and white were the feature colors, with purple lights suspended across the Civic Center gym, accented with large purple tissue balls. 

A popular spot for photo taking was a six-foot masquerade mask surrounded by balloons, feathers and tulle. The mask was created and made by bank employee Jenny Boyd, who is responsible for the decorating concept.

“That large mask took a while to make,” said Boyd. “It would have been bigger, but I couldn’t get it in the door.”

The paper mache creation was made from chicken wire shaped into a mask and then covered with mache and painted purple and white with silver accents. In addition to the mask, every guest table held lovely arrangements, with masquerade vignettes placed around the room.

The idea of a masquerade ball was decided on by a committee that works almost year round on the date night. Boyd organizes work nights for several of the projects, and other committee members have designated duties.

After enjoying a delicious chicken dinner, guests could have photos made either by a professional photographer, or have a candid shot made in a photo booth.

Date night first-timers Kyle Hobbs and Dee Jay Roland looked forward to a fun night with their daughters, Sky and Daelyn.

“She has been so excited about this night,” said Roland. “She is ready to dance, and doesn’t want to take time to eat.”

Disc jockey Jason Gross has provided dance music for all 22 events, and says he wouldn’t miss it for the world. He knows he is the “man of the hour” once the music starts and the girls start dancing, and requesting favorite songs.

Ivan Verdel has brought his daughter, Carmen, to the event for four years, and enjoys dancing with his lovely daughter.

“Yes, she loves to dance, and after four years, you’d think I would be good at it, but I’m not,” said Verdel.
The event requires much planning and organizing, and Vance says they are already discussing next year’s date night.

“Pretty much when we are done with one, we start planning the next one,” said Vance. “In fact we have the theme chosen, but it’s a secret.”