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Fun in the sun
Annual show blessed with good weather
Cindy Swan says there is just something about a Corvette that draws her in. She admires the 1962 jewel owned by Gwyne Bennett.

Pancakes, lemonade, kettle corn, hot dogs and pork rinds were just a few of the tasty items available at the 7th annual Marketville held on Saturday. The event is co-presented by the Southern Standard and Wow Country radio station and is held in front of the Blue Building.
“We could not have asked for better weather for our outdoor event,” said circulation director Dale Stubblefield. “Lots of cars came for the show, and many folks came to shop with our vendors. We realize there were many things going on in the community, and we appreciate everyone who participated in Marketville.” 
The day got off with a sweet start as First Presbyterian Church served hot pancakes and sausage for breakfast. If you didn’t make it to breakfast, lots of food items were available at Marketville to enjoy while visiting vendors displayed their wares.
Exhibitor Garry Weaver, who is an artist and aspiring musician, said his main goal was to meet people and have fun at the show.
He describes his work as a cross between caricatures and drawings, and kept busy most of the day producing artwork for guests.
“I just love people and drawing, so the two come together,” said Weaver. “I relocated here from Michigan two years ago, and I enjoy being active in the community.” 
Exhibitor Kim Forster is also a transplant to Warren County. She originally came from Connecticut to settle in Warren County. Her booth was filled with unique keepsakes, antiques and equestrian items she felt was time to find a new home.
“I have collected many things for many years, and I decided it was time for someone else to enjoy my stuff,” said Forster.
One of the busy spots at Marketville was the Party Animal Petting Zoo, where visitors could handle a bald python snake, pet goats, sheep or a micro pot belly pig, and get a close look at an African crested porcupine. 
Kids of all ages enjoyed getting a close look at the McMinnville Fire Department’s Tower 1 engine, and talking with firemen about their jobs.
Over 25 vehicles of varying years and models took part in the Car Show, with everyone receiving a commemorative plaque.
Car show visitor Cindy Swan had her eye on Gwyne Bennet’s 1962 Chevrolet Corvette. The black and white convertible was definitely a hit at the show.
“Corvettes are my favorite car,” said Swan. “I just love them because they are so sporty and fast.”
Saturday was an especially good day for Anna Maria Baus as her name was drawn from the bag holding hundreds of entries for the Mother’s Day basket filled with gifts totaling over $500.
“I’m so excited because I never win anything, and it’s my birthday,” said Baus.