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Free meals offered at Christmas Soup Drive Thru
soup drive thru
From left, firefighter Randy Conatser, city employee Kevin Holt, city employee Sarah Medley, and firefighter Brian Maynard will all be helping out at the first Christmas Soup Drive Thru on Dec. 29 at Fire Station 2, located at 1022 Old Smithville Hwy. They encourage anyone who needs a meal to come by and get a cup of soup, sandwich, and a bottle of water.

Employees of the city of McMinnville are holding their first ever Christmas Soup Drive Thru in an effort to serve up some holiday cheer to those in need.

“Our community needs help. There are people who need help and we can help them. We are all blessed here and there are people that just need help,” said Kevin Holt.

The drive thru will be on Wednesday, Dec. 29, from 11 a.m. until they run out of supplies. The event will be held at Fire Station 2 located at 1022 Old Smithville Hwy. All the food for the drive thru was donated by city employees and local partners to give back to the community.

Holt got the inspiration for the soup drive thru while he was on a recent trip to Nashville. He went on a day where it was cold and rainy and saw all the homeless people in the area and thought about how all of those people would like to just get inside to get warm. Holt recognized he was privileged enough to be able to jump in a warm car to warm up and eventually go home, but a lot of people do not get that opportunity.

“Essentially the idea from him was if people are hungry we can give them a meal, or if people needed a meal. It wasn’t even about hunger. If people needed a meal, stop by and get one,” said Sarah Medley. “His thing was sort of what can I do? What can we do? We are not a big organization or anything like that, but it is still the individuals who can make a difference.”

The Christmas Soup Drive Thru is not only catered toward the homeless in the community, but to anyone looking for a meal that day. Walk-ups are welcome.

“We are catering to anyone who comes and needs a meal,” said Medley.

All are welcome to come by and get a warm meal. They will be giving out a to-go cup of soup, a sandwich, a bottled water, and a serving of holiday cheer. 

“If it is successful hopefully we can do something again in the future,” said Medley. “It is just something we want to reach out to the community and do and hopefully it can benefit the people that it needs to benefit, but anybody who needs a meal we are happy to serve them one.” 

For more information, contact Kevin Holt at 931-743-1200, or Sarah Medley at 931-473-3808.