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Every dog has its day at 4-H show
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A whole lot of barking and tail wagging took place at the second annual 4-H Dog Show held recently in the Warren County A&L Fair livestock barn. The event invites all 4-H members to bring their canine for a morning of friendly competition, with all proceeds from the day going to Viola Valley Dogs.
Honor Club member Clay Prater and fellow 4-Hers organized the competition and raised $430 for the shelter. Linda Coursey, shelter operator, was on hand at the event, bringing several animals in need of a home. She was happy to report one puppy was adopted.
Club members operated a Doggie General Store featuring items especially for dogs, as well as a concession stand supplying refreshments for visitors. 
Several awards were given out in various categories, with Best of Show going to Sir Toby George and owner Jesslynn George. The People’s Choice Award, which was voted on by attendees, was given to Isbell and owner Tori Anderson.
Other awards and categories include:
Class 1: Look Alike — Bailey Cavner,  first; Dylan Reed;
Class 2: Largest/Smallest — Hailey N. Parker, first; Morgan Hedden, second;
Class 3: Best Trick — Christopher Bassett, first; Trevor Evans, second; Ayden Guevara, third;
Class 4: Best Vocal Performance — Christopher Bassett, first and second;
Class 5: Best Kisser — Trevor Evans, first; Bailey Cavner, second; Madison Sandlin, third;
Class 6: Cutest Puppy — Elizabeth Nelson, first; Trenady Turner, second; Tori Anderson, third;
Class 7: Best Costume — Jesslynn George, first; Caylei Roach, second; Trevor Evans, third;
Class 8: Most Obedient — Emily Hoch, first; Christopher Bassett, second; Trenady Turner, third;
Class 10: Most Photogenic — Trenady Turner, first; Madison Sandlin, second; Jesslynn George, third;
Class 11: Most Colorful — Ryan Salaman, first; Hailey N. Parker, second;
Class 12: Cone Obstacles — Bridgette Kern, first; Emily Hoch, second; Madison Sandlin, third;
Class 13: Biggest Ears — Christopher Bassett, first and second;
Class 14: Ugliest Dog — Ayden Guevara, first; Bailey Cavner, second; Maria Lopez, third;
Class 15: Best Tail Wagging — Morgan Hedden, first; Brooklyn Pedigo, second; Dylan Reed, third.