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Eastside School adds to Hall of Fame
Former teachers, alumni honored
Eastside Hall of Fame4.jpg

Eastside School has announced the return to its in-person Student Council Banquet and Hall of Fame Ceremony.

“Due to the pandemic, we were unable to have our typical Student Council Banquet and Hall of Fame Ceremony in the years of 2020 and 2021,” said Jason Gann, educator and Student Council sponsor. “We held virtual Student Council Banquets for the last two years in which we were able to recognize members for their work throughout those years.”

The banquet is this Thursday, May 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Student Council officers will be presenting each other with awards. At the conclusion of the night, the 10th and 11th classes of inductees into the Eastside Hall of Fame will be inducted.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee, which consists of current Hall of Fame members, voted for the following to be inducted and why: She will be inducted as an honored educator into the Hall of Fame. She was particularly known at Eastside as one of the first-grade teachers, but having served at more than one school, she has worked with students across the spectrum from elementary to middle school ages, along with working in school counseling. Her positive attitude and infectious smile brightened many student lives.

She will be inducted posthumously as an honored staff member into the Hall of Fame. Mrs. Johnson passed away on March 25, 2020, after living a long life of 96 years. She served as secretary in the days when the principal also served as a teacher, and then she continued her work for full-time principals of the school. She also served as a librarian. Former students have said they owe a lot of their early education not just to their teachers, but also to Mrs. Johnson. A family member will be accepting her award.

She has taught at various schools in Warren County and will be inducted as an honored educator. The Ayers family is well-known for its love of education. Mrs. Ayers considers working at Eastside as some of her favorite times in education. Her love for her students will long be remembered.

She is an honored educator inductee, served as a teacher and finished her career after working many years as a librarian. When she retired, she was the longest serving educator at Eastside School. As a librarian, she was always willing to help any student find books that inspired inquiry and learning. Her work as an educator spanned over 30 years.

Matt Turner is an honored alumni who’s life is like a movie in many respects. He is a former Pioneer football player who went on to excel at the collegiate level. Turner is the WCHS football coach.

There is much information about his life from a Southern Standard article published on Oct. 1, 2020. Coach Turner was a standout student who has gone to use his education to positively impact others. He also coaches wrestling.

Anna Smedley is an honored alumni who has stated that her life could have taken a very different direction than it did, but the teachers at Eastside impacted her life so much that she took a different direction going on to hold her current position as the first female plant manager at Oster.

She has used her education to positively impact others.

“I feel that it is very important to give recognition to these people who are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame,” said Gann. “We feel that this is the highest award that we can offer as a school. It is going to be a big night in Warren County at Eastside with double the usual number of inductions into our Hall of Fame.”