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DUO serves up free healthcare, haircuts
DUO Pic 2 - Hair Cut.jpg
Beauticians Kim Eller, left, and Taylor Stoetzel lend their skills to Saturday’s DUO Mission. Seated, from left, are Dee Wiseman and Tabitha Southerd who enjoyed the benefit of their services.

The West Main Lawn of Security Federal not only entertained a sizeable crowd for Main Street Live on Friday night, but it offered up its grassy and shaded grounds to Sparta’s Life Church DUO Mobile Mission on Saturday. 

DUO, Doing Unto Others, provides free medical care, including wellness screenings and consultations, dental and vision services and complimentary hair care. 

Tina Higgins, co-director of HOME – Homeless of McMinnville Effort, partnered with Steve Madison who pastors the Redemption Center and Steven Lafave, director of DUO, to bring the services here to Warren County. 

Higgins, who attends Life Church, said, “We are so thankful to be serving the community in this capacity. The highest thanks goes to God for allowing us to be a part of it. DUO will be coming back at a later date with the vision and dental buses as well. We will announce that date as soon as it is set.”

 Approximately 28 people received medical care, 47 enjoyed hair care services, and numerous people signed up for the vision and dental services when the DUO ministry returns. Additionally, the Redemption Center provided approximately 300 box lunches at no cost, along with lively music and spiritual support. 

Considering current costs, citizens received somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 from donated goods, services, and human resources. 

Physicians, registered and licensed nurses, medical assistants and beauticians all donated time for the event. Volunteers from both HOME and the Redemption Center were on hand to ensure smooth passage for those in attendance. 

According to Lafave, DUO director, this mission launched approximately one year ago and is now equipped with numerous volunteers and several buses which serve the Upper Cumberland on a monthly basis. Funding has been largely provided thru Life Church and private donors. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with DUO or partnering in some capacity, more information can be found on