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Discount Shoe Store now Fults Repair Shop
Spreading the word about the shoe repair business is a big reason Discount Shoe Store is now Fults Repair Shop. Roosevelt Fults is shown ready to repair a sole.

They’re stepping into a new era at the business which was known as Discount Shoe Store for over 50 years.
With such a storied history, the change to Fults Repair Shop has drawn attention to the store operated by Roosevelt and Betty Fults since 1964.
“I figure it’s a woman’s prerogative,” said Betty when asked about the name change. “Everybody has been calling and asking me about it. We’re still here. It’s still us.”
Betty said the name change is an effort to emphasize the repair aspect of the business as Roosevelt can do repairs on a number of items.
“He can fix anything -- shoes, purses, belts, luggage, baseball gloves,” said Betty. “I got a handy man when I married him. Not everybody knows about our shoe repair so that’s why we went with the new name.”
Roosevelt and Betty recently celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary after marrying in February 1960. A few years later, they purchased what would become the Discount Shoe building from her father in 1964.
Back then, it was two separate buildings. There was a nursery office on one side and a church on the other. In between was an area to conduct nursery packing.
Roosevelt decided to put one roof over the entire structure and to combine the buildings with a center room. That center room now serves as the main entrance to the store.
“We used to sell a lot of men’s boots, but we’re not getting any more in because they’re made in China and they’re not good quality,” said Betty. “They don’t hold up. They’re cheap. It doesn’t take any time at all before they need to be repaired. They use poor materials and the boots are poor quality.”
With boots no longer part of the inventory, Betty says women’s shoes are her best sellers. And she offers footwear at the right price.
“I have flip-flops from $1 to $6.99,” she said. “I have pageant shoes, dance shoes, and formal shoes. Those are all big sellers. I can also dye shoes to make them all the same color. Sometimes with a wedding, people will have six or eight pairs of shoes they want to be the same color.”
Avon products are also offered.
Despite decades in business, Betty says she’s not tiring of the work. She says they still enjoy coming in every day and have no retirement plans.
“Who wants to sit at home and look at those same four walls every day?” said Betty. “That’s not for me. I’m happy being here.”
Fults Repair Shop is located at 1102 Bridge Street just past Beersheba Street Bridge. Hours are Monday thru Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone number is 473-7351.