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Dear Santa
Santa letters - Colton.jpg
Colton Newby shows off his letter to Santa before sending it off to the big man!

Rebekah Milligan’s third graders at Boyd Christian School provided the Southern Standard with its first batch of Santa letters this season. The Standard welcomes letters to Santa and will be sure they make their way to Mr. Claus. 

Dear Santa,

I rille want a now swing site and a tree hows. I am a houhg fen, I love your book. Have a Meree Cresmus. I am from BCS good bay.

Love, Maggie Panter

Dear Santa,

I wute a PS3, cow print notbook’s, a pen set, and a mack up set.

Love, Heather Parson

Dear Santa,

I want to know what the North Pole is like. What to elfs look like, are they cute? How cold is it? What does roodof look like? I am singing the corn song for my Christmas program. P.S. my school is BCS.

Love, Zulina Reed

Dear Santa,

I really like Santa and when u make kids day, but I do like when u give me gifts. But I want dogs toys for my dogs. I am makeing Chirstmas list.

Love, Caroline Hankins

Dear Santa,

Hi and Merry Chirstmas. I want a big water gon, and water ballons, and a slime, cite, and gabbys dollhouse, and the little dolls, and the little backpack set, and it is big and it has a locker and 5 backpacks. And this is the most thing I want, I want a monkey so bad and the grific novel tree house books please.

Love, Hope Allen

Dear Santa,

Hi I love you and I want a PS5 and toys. I hope everyone as ben good and nice and being friends, being nice too you, and I hope I am on the good list. I hope you macket thou this stuff and I will love you all my heat forever and ever for lift. PS. I am hopeing you can mack me a PS5 please.

Love, Colton Newby