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Class of 2022 announces senior honors
SR - Mr and Mrs Warren County - Carter Templeton and Gracie Brock original.jpg
Mr. and Ms. Warren County Carter Templeton & Gracie Brook

This year’s Warren County High School senior superlatives were surprisingly insightful.

There were 12 categories recognized and 11 pictures submitted to the Southern Standard.

The photo that was missing? The category of Most Likely to be Late for Graduation was not included. It seems winners Asher Wallace and Isabel Newby couldn't make it to the photo shoot on time.

“That’s pretty fitting,” laughed Carter Templeton, who won the grand title of Mr. Warren County High School.

In addition to being involved in just about everything, Carter is a great spokesman for the school.

“Having the whole COVID experience certainly gives you a different perspective about going to school,” said Carter. “The online learning, I just wasn’t motivated to do that. It wasn’t the same as being at school with your classmates and the teachers. We have some super teachers here for sure and I’m just glad we’ve been able to be back at school all year. It’s a great environment here.”

Carter is a member of National Honor Society, Interact and select choir. He’s also active in his youth group at First Baptist Church. He said a hip injury he suffered in high school has shaped what he wants to do as a career.

“I want to do something associated with exercise science,” said Carter. “When I was going through some things following hip surgery, I got discouraged and I know how that feels. I want to help other people get through that without getting down on themselves because I know how that is.”

The honor of Ms. Warren County High School goes to Gracie Brock. She’s captain of the basketball cheerleading squad and she’s involved with National Honor Society, Interact and Campus Life, a church-affiliated organization that emphasizes Bible study and outreach programs.

“High school has produced a lot of great memories,” said Gracie. “Moving on to the next chapter will certainly be bittersweet."

If you find it curious that Gracie and Carter are involved in so many of the same activities there’s a reason for that.

“We’ve been dating for two years,” said Gracie. 

She said as a basketball cheerleader, watching this year’s girls team has been especially exciting. She’s glad to be able to keep on cheering for the Lady Pioneers this Monday night in Manchester when they face Bradley Central in the region semifinals at 6 p.m.