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Centertown features budding scientists
Centertown science   USE
Photos provided Five perfect Science Fair scores were obtained by eighth-grade students, from left, Shelbey Hale, Sawyer Thompson, William Blankenship and Salomon Castorena. Not pictured is classmate Abby Hodge.

Centertown School students in all grades were able to participate in the school’s annual Science Fair held recently. The successful fair featured 112 projects, some individual contributions and some as a group entry.
“We were very impressed with the entries,” said science teacher Robyn Kirby. “Students in all grade levels performed tests on topics spanning the subject of science.”

Five eighth-grade individual experiments earned perfect scores. Those students and their topics are Shelbey Hale, Durability of Tissue Brands; Salomon Castorena, Temperature Effect on Magnetic Attraction; William Blankenship, Egg Head; Sawyer Thompson, Toothpaste Brand Effectiveness; and Abby Hodge, Proof is in the Roof.

The students shared their work with Joe Harvey of Warren County Schools Television and videos can be viewed on YouTube.

Winners in the various categories are:

Eighth-grade individual – Shelbey Hale, Salomon Castorena, William Blankenship, Sawyer Thompson and Abby Hodge, first; Katy Mae Cantrell and Kamrin McLaughlin, second; and Austin Conner, third;

Eighth-grade group – Jason Brewer, Ethan Gunter, Braden Marcum, first; Madison Hollis, Alena Muncey and Jaden Smartt, second; Sissy Hartl and Chloe Rush, third;

Seventh-grade individual – Ryann Allen, first; Noah Murphy and Raymond Morton, second; and Zoie Conner, third;

Seventh-grade group – Addison Johnson, Lauren Mansfield and Baily Jones; and Eli Cantrell, Chase Grosch and Alberto Padilla, first; Gracie Crouch and Jaylie Shehane, second; Ciara Rush, Kirsten McClure; Shayna Jacobs and Lorelie Holden; Riley Morton and Cristian Espinoza; and Markus Brewington and Owen Henley, third;

Sixth-grade individual – Arik Murphy, first; Madison Pendergraph; and Krista Chisam, second; Erik Espinoza, third;

Sixth-grade group – Addison Terassi and Yasmin Arnold; and Sammie Johnson and Alizabeth Dillman, first; Kaydenze Summerford, Jaiden Vaughn and Karmen Cadorette, second; Sophie Crabtree, Keira Reynolds and Shelby Ford, third;
Fifth-grade individual – Mackenzie Trapp, first; Jack Steagall, and Melanie Montero, second; Victoria Powell, third;

Fifth-grade group – Steven Bonner, Kamus Crouch and Peyton Jones, first; Tristan Brewington and Jamey Lowe, second;

Fourth-grade individual – Emma Kirby, first; Arabiah Kanakrieh, second; and Samuel Banks, third;

Fourth-grade research – Eric Heming, first; and Marbella Velarde, second;

Fourth-grade group – Kendra Fann and Trinity Reynolds, first;

Third-grade individual – Ryder Gillespie, first; Maegan Johnson-Pulley, second; and Mackenzie Hullett, third;

Second-grade individual – Noelle Bratcher, first; Logan Wockasen, second; and Trigg Self, third;

First-grade individual – Adalaide Davidoff, first;

First-grade group research – Rachel Creighton and Charley Wilson, first;

First-grade individual – Tabitha Potter, first; Hennessee Cope, and Rush Reynolds, second; and Shyera Jacobs, third;

Kindergarten individual – Lila Harvey, first; Ansley Pepper, second;

Pre-k individual – Sophia Pepper, first.

The fourth annual event is sponsored by science teachers Kirby, Caleb Shehane and Brandie Mansfield. Guest judges were provided by scientists from the Otis T. Floyd Research Center, as well as two local pharmacists.