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Can you solve all the clues?
scavenger hunt photo.jpg
Participants will be on a hunt for clues during the second McMinnville City Scavenger Hunt in April.

The second annual McMinnville City Scavenger Hunt is April 15-20. Registration for businesses and individuals who are interested in being involved is currently taking place at Three Star Mall. The event is organized by McMinnville Parks and Recreation.

The scavenger hunt combines technology, physical exploration, and brain power to solve clues leading contestants to the correct business, checking in at the location on social media and taking a picture there. The event starts at the mall at 8 a.m. on April 15.

Contestants can start and end their hunt at any time throughout the week. The person who gets back the quickest gets the first choice of prizes. Prizes are first come, first serve depending on how quickly each contestant solves all the clues and returns to the mall.

The fee to register as a contestant in the individual scavenger hunt is $3. If a local business wants to be part of this fun event, they must donate a prize worth $10 or more, give $40 to sponsor the hunt and provide three clues that will lead contestants to their location. Five businesses have already signed up during the first week of registration, and many more are expected to register before the cut-off date April 1.

This is the first year the Parks and Recreation Department is doing a separate one-day group hunt. Group members must register individually, and registration for this hunt is free. The contest will include businesses that are open after 6 p.m. The group scavenger hunt is Tuesday, April 16 from 6 to 8 p.m. This event covers a smaller area, and the winner is the first group to reach the mall after figuring out the clues.

McMinnville Parks and Recreation events coordinator Kyle Clyde is looking forward to this year’s hunt since last year was a success and he received much positive feedback.

“Everyone really enjoyed it. Not only did contestants get to decipher clues, but they were also able to explore businesses they hadn’t been to in a long time or had never visited before,” says Clyde.