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Birthing Tree keepsake now available
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The Warren County Genealogical Association has released its third Lasting Landmark keepsake – Warren County’s Birthing Tree. Previously the organization introduced the Warren County Courthouse, and First United Methodist Church.
“The Birthing Tree is one of our county’s most treasured landmarks, and is more than two centuries old,” said association president Cheryl Mingle. “We are pleased to welcome it into our keepsake family, and hope the public is pleased with the selection.”
The enormous white oak tree stands across from River Park Hospital on Sparta Highway. The tree was granted landmark status by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council in 2000. It stands 85 feet tall, with a crown spread of 125 feet. During the early days of the county, it became a noted meeting and resting place for wagon trains making their way from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The tree became legendary as a stopping place for women in labor who sought shelter and refuge while giving birth. It also provided a resting place for travelers, as taverns and general stores were located nearby for obtaining supplies.
The keepsakes are available at the Warren County Genealogical Association office in the County Administration Building at 201 Locust Street. The cost is $18. The office is open Fridays from 1 - 4 p.m. They can also be purchased at Southern Museum and Gallery at 210 E. Main Street. 
According to Mingle, profits derived from the sale of the landmarks will be donated to McMinnville Heritage Preservation for the preservation of the tree.
If anyone wants to purchase one of the two previous keepsakes, there are nine courthouse ornaments still available and 37 churches. For more information, call 507-8102.