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'Aladdin' wows audiences at Park Theater
Aladdin, portrayed by Isaiah Banegas, is coerced with evil by Halima and Jammal, played by Ella Hale and Jakob Shockley in the production of Aladdin and His Wonderful Magical Lamp.

There was magic in the air this weekend as “Aladdin” flew into town for five performances at the Park Theater.
Under the direction of Logan Taylor, “Aladdin and His Wonderful, Magical Lamp,” was a wonder of wonders as the audience was transformed back to the Arabian nights filled with evil and deceit, as well as goodness. With lovely sets, creative lighting and special effects, the show was indeed magical.
The storyline does not follow the Disney version, but it does tell of Aladdin’s journey to hopefully marry Princess Jasmine. Of course, love is never easy, and he has a few obstacles to overcome. With adventure in the marketplace, being trapped in a cave, visiting palaces and battling the evil Jammal and his sister Halima, there is lots of excitement.
Aladdin was portrayed by veteran stage actor Isiah Banegas, using his charisma and singing skills to empower the audience. Fifteen-year-old Jakob Shockley took on the huge role of Jammal, along with Ella Hale playing his evil sister. The duo is quite scary and intimidating at times, keeping the younger viewers on the edge of their seats. 
The cast of 65 has put in numerous hours of practice, in addition to the hard work and dedication of 15 crew members. It’s estimated the actors have practiced close to 350 hours since rehearsals began in late November.
“This community is packed with talented kids,” said Taylor. “They have been pushed to their limits, but the growth within each of them has been astounding.”
For the first time, special performances were scheduled for school groups, with them coming during the day to view the show. The students were treated to an upscale live-stage production, leaving with smiles on their faces.
“Aladdin” is the third production from Taylor and his Dream Reality Group, previously presenting “Little Mermaid” and “Snow White.”
“Our goal is to give the community and the Park Theater something to really be proud of,” said Taylor. “And I’m so honored and thankful for this amazing town and what they have done for the production.”
Taylor’s personal goal is to inspire innovation in the community, and to provide an outlet for the children to present their talents.
“I came here to stir the pot a little, and to shake things up a bit,” said Taylor. “I wanted to leave my mark, and now if I ever do leave this community, I know this will continue on for generations through the Park Theater.”