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A lifetime of Avon
Rose Morgan may be 98 years old, but it doesnt stop her from doing things she enjoys, like taking care of her longtime Avon customers. She has been in the business for 51 years, and still growing strong.

Ding dong, Avon calling, is a phrase familiar to many, especially women.
The Avon Company was founded by David H. McConnell in 1886, which was 34 years before women earned the right to vote. One of their goals is to empower women through economic opportunity.
The company also supports a foundation for women to end breast cancer and domestic violence.
Rose Morgan, 98, is an advocate for Avon and appreciates the many doors it has opened for her. The feisty senior citizen has been an Avon representative for 51 years, and only stopped customer delivery in the past six years.
“My customers come to my home for pick up,” said Morgan. “They said you delivered to us for so long, now we will come to you.”
In 1966, a friend asked her if she would like to work for Avon, but she hesitated because she was not sure it was something she could or wanted to do.
She was encouraged to give it a try by her husband, the now deceased Elbert Morgan.
“When I started, I didn’t think it was going to be a career, but it sure turned into one,” said Morgan. “I felt like it wasn’t a job, but an experience. I love meeting people.”
Morgan remembers getting her husband off to work in the mornings and then she was off knocking on doors and meeting people. She was so successful, she had to request more order forms, and recalls covering territories usually covered by seven ladies.
“It was hard work, but I realized if I worked hard, I could make some money,” said Morgan. “Let me tell you, I bought three new cars selling Avon.”
Recently the Avon Corporation honored Morgan with a 50-year luncheon in Cookeville. She received a certificate of appreciation for her dedication.
“It was a nice affair,” said Morgan. “I’m probably the oldest in the district, and have met all my goals, making me a member of the Avon President Club.”
She says without a doubt the Skin So Soft body oil is her best seller and encourages everyone to check out the product and its many uses.
“It will remove tar from your car, kill bugs and replenish your skin,” said Morgan.
The active 98-year-old used to walk six miles each day until health issues put a stop to exercise. Her driving is limited, but she attends East End Church of Christ on a regular basis.
When asked about retirement, she said, “I haven’t thought about it.”