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Three join Industrial Development Board

Three new members have been appointed by the city of McMinnville to serve on the Industrial Development Board.

On Tuesday night, the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen appointed Greg Smartt, Ryan Lorance and Justin Walling to the IDB. They fill three seats which are expiring this month. Appointments are for six-year terms.

The 10-member Industrial Development Board also includes Trevor Galligan, Scot MacDonald, Jeff Golden, Brent McKay, Jenny Nafrada, Andy Knowles, and Carrie Huckeby.

Industrial Development Board director Don Alexander was pleased with the appointments.

“I think they’ll add a new dimension to the board in terms of providing more well-rounded representation,” said Don. “Our focus is on creating jobs, expanding the tax base, and growing Warren County. The new members who were appointed broaden the board and I think that’s healthy.”

Greg Smartt is CEO of Ben Lomand Connect. He has regularly attended IDB meetings as a bystander for years. As the head of a major corporation, Smartt becomes the only member of the IDB who serves in that capacity. Ben Lomand has more than 100 employees.

Ryan Lorance joins the board as a homebuilder and developer. Before going out on his own in real estate and construction, he previously worked at Caney Fork Electric.

“I’m honored and also very excited to be joining the board,” said Lorance. “So many people are moving into our area and so much activity is going on here, I’m looking forward to working with everybody to bring in new jobs and help our community grow.”

The need for new homes in Warren County has been identified as one of our community’s more pressing issues. Lorance's experience as a homebuilder will be a valuable resource when board members discuss construction issues.

“I deal with them daily,” said Lorance.

Attorney Justin Walling joins the IDB after years of serving as the local field representative for Congressman Lincoln Davis. 

“We worked to bring as many federal dollars back home as we could,” said Walling. “Congressman Davis worked with state and federal officials and really did a lot for economic development in this area.”

Walling said the four-lane to Woodbury and the project to get water to residents atop Harrison Ferry Mountain were two of the projects Congressman Davis helped complete during his 10 years as a U.S. representative.

Walling is familiar with working with USDA Rural Development and other government agencies to obtain funding to help local businesses expand.