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Mountain Barn Builders can solve storage issues
Barn - Chris Simones.jpg
Sales representative Chris Simones is running the local Mountain Barn Builders sales yard at Three Star Mall. The company manufactures its buildings in Clarkrange, about 15 miles from Crossville.

As Americans, we accumulate a lot of stuff.

That’s where Mountain Barn Builders comes in handy. The company operates a local sales yard at Three Star Mall.

Mountain Barn Builders manufactures all sizes of buildings to fit your storage needs. Whether it’s something as simple as a basic 10-foot by 12-foot shed, or a unit more elaborate with carport and drive-in garage, the company has you covered.

“We have something for every price range,” said sales representative Chris Simones. “And we offer rent-to-own payment plans so it’s easy to fit into your monthly budget.”

The buildings are manufactured in Clarkrange, which is about 15 miles north of Crossville. Chris says the buildings come as large as 16-foot by 40-foot, which makes for a 640-square-foot building.

“We’re seeing a lot of people who are looking to buy our larger buildings and turn them into living quarters,” said Chris. “Some people have 10 acres in the country and they want to place a building there and make it their home. I recently talked to a guy who was looking to buy a nice building that he wanted to put in his backyard so his daughter could live there.”

One neat aspect of the business is you can customize your own building and dictate where you want the windows and doors located, and what size windows and doors you would like. Larger buildings also come with the option of lofts, porches, and carports.

If you’re looking for a building for an old-fashioned purpose, to store your lawnmower and tools, there are plenty of designs in which to choose. Buildings can be metal or wood and you can select a door that swings open or raises up like a garage door.

The buildings are also great to store all the stuff that can no longer fit in your house.

“I talked to a lady the other day who came in because she currently rents a storage unit,” said Chris. “She told me the monthly rent of her storage unit was going up to $80 a month so now she’s looking at a building. This will be something that’s hers once she pays it off. She won’t have to keep paying forever on a storage unit. This way she can invest in something she’ll own.”

The lowest priced building starts right at $3,000, plus tax. As you’d expect, prices increase as the size of the building gets bigger.

Free delivery is offered within 30 miles of the sales yard.

Mountain Barn Builders can be reached at (931) 414-4221. Since Chris is a one-man sales team, leave a message if he’s not available to take your call.