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Learning more about Newell Brands
Pictured is the Newell Brands facility on Cadillac Lane. The first tenant of the building more than 60 years ago was Oster Manufacturing.

The Southern Standard had a chance to ask Newell Brands senior manager of corporate communications Danielle Clark some questions about the company and its facility on Cadillac Lane in McMinnville.

Q: Can you provide a history of the building and a history of the company in McMinnville?

A: The building was originally built in 1957. The John Oster Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee, Wis., leased the building in 1958 and moved in. Through the years, the factory has been known asOster,Sunbeam, Allegheny, Jarden Consumer Solutions, and now it is Newell Brands. The McMinnville Industrial Development Board owns the building.

Q: What products are currently produced here?

A: The current product line includes clippers, trimmers, massagers and replacement blades for the professional beauty, barber and animal grooming industries. We manufacture pet and show animal liquid products to include shampoos, conditioners and colognes.

A: Our process is vertically integrated so that we make the majority of our parts. We stamp blades from raw steel and then send them through a hardening process before routing them through multiple operations to achieve the final product of a sharp cutting blade.

Our housings are molded from various types of plastics and then put together to hold the components of our clippers. The majority of the small parts inside the clippers, including many of the motors, are also made in our facility. All the component parts come together in the Assembly Department to create the finished product clipper, which is packed and sent to distributors.

Q: How many current employees are there?

A: We have about 160 Newell employees and we have about 50-60 temporary contract employees at any given time.

Q: What are the number of shifts per day and how many days are you

currently working?

A: We are currently working two shifts a day, six days a week. We will be adding a third shift in the coming months that will hopefully help us to pull back to five days a week.

Q: What are the future plans for the McMinnville location?

A: We are excited to be working on some new cordless clipper projects that we know our customers will love.

Q: How does Newell affect the local economy outside of the obvious number of employees? For instance, blades go out to a local heat treater. Are there any other processes that bolster the local economy that you are at liberty to share?

A: Several of our vendors for support processes are in the local area and do benefit from our business. This include the heat treater, printing, painting for housings, tool and die shops and a local car dealership that services the company vehicles.

Q: Are you experiencing manpower shortages? What are you doing to attract employees?

A: We have offered part-time shifts, increased pay rates, and focused on building a positive work culture to try to attract and retain employees and contract employees. We provide a number of giveaways each year, free food and snack days, a Family Food Pantry for employee and contract temp families in need of food.

Our location has been proud to have been a part of the Newell Brands Community Fund for the past 12 years, from which our employees, along with a corporate match, have donated almost $500,000 into our community’s nonprofit organizations. We also have a wonderful employee-only store that allows employees to purchase Newell Brands products at a great discount.

Anyone interested in applying for our open positions can apply directly to com.