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Happy Days are here again
Happy Days - spot.jpg
Happy Days Grill is normally located in the Shell Station parking lot on The Strip.

You don’t have to wait till fair week to enjoy the great taste of fair food.

Happy Days Grill has set up shop on The Strip in the Shell Station parking lot. Funnel cakes, polish sausage, soft serve ice cream and shaved ice are just some of the items which fill the menu. 

Melinda Aramburu and David Adcock are the business owners. Melinda said she got her start in the food service business six years ago with a hotdog cart. She eventually graduated from that to her current 16-foot trailer which is filled with a made-to-order kitchen.

“Everything I cook is fresh,” said Melinda.

Happy Days Grill is a name which certainly emits positivity. Melinda said she had been considering different names for about three months when she decided on that one.

“It just popped in my head as I was going down the road,” said Melinda. “I wanted something with a 1960s style.”

There’s fresh-squeezed lemonade, burgers, and Melinda’s famous homemade banana pudding.

“Our specialty is fair and carnival food and we’re the only ones in town who do this,” said Melinda. “One thing I’ve learned in almost five years of doing this is you have to have items on the high end and the low end. Parents might want a polish sausage and they’ll get a regular hotdog for the kids. Or the parents will want a Philly cheesesteak and get a burger for the kids.”

Happy Days Grill has developed a solid following at Main Street Live the past month. Melinda says she loves serving food at the Friday night concerts but hates the wait for some of her customers.

“There’s such a big crowd at Main Street Live, we can get some pretty long lines,” said Melinda. “I hate it when people have to wait 30 minutes to get their food.”

One of her Southern favorites served every Thursday is her homemade chicken and dumplins. She says customers call and get 4 to 6 orders at a time and she usually sells out early in the afternoon.

Happy Days Grill can be found at the Shell Station on The Strip from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays thru Saturdays. If you’d like to call in your order so it can be ready when you arrive, the number is (931) 607-2581.

Melinda won’t be set up in McMinnville this coming week. Her food truck will be located in Dunlap as she participates in the massive Highway 127 yard sale all week.