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Falcon Rest Mansion for sale
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George and Charlien McGlothin first purchased the Falcon Rest property in 1989.

Paul McCartney turned 80 on Saturday, yet another reminder Father Time stops his watch for no one.

Paul's music has been with me my entire life. I remember lying on our living room floor as a 5-year-old with the “Sgt. Pepper” album open and looking at The Beatles in their colorful uniforms. I’d pick up the needle after the title song finished and play it again, and again.

I remember looking at pictures of Paul and The Beatles when they climbed into those walrus suits for the cover shot of “Magical Mystery Tour.” That must have been some good stuff.

I’ve argued before that there’s never been a band with more than three strong albums other than The Beatles. 

Most bands might have one good album, think Poison. On rare occasion, there are bands with three good albums, think Pink Floyd. But four good albums just doesn’t happen, unless you’re The Beatles.

“Abbey Road,” “The White Album,” “Rubber Soul” and “Revolver” are classics in addition to “Sgt. Pepper” and “Magical Myster Tour.” 

And don’t forget the breakthrough “Meet the Beatles” album with “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” that made teenage girls scream like no other song in history.

Top 5 Paul McCartney songs as voted by Business Pulse:

No. 1 – “Eleanor Rigby”

No. 2 – “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

No. 3 – “With a Little Help from My Friends”

No. 4 – “Heart of the Country”

No. 5 – “Rocky Raccoon”



It was more than 30 years ago when George and Charlien McGlothin purchased Falcon Rest Mansion & Gardens on Faulkner Springs Road. To be exact, it was 1989.

At that time, the building was in rough shape and in definite need of some TLC. It took 4.5 years for the McGlothins to restore the historic structure and transform it into a thing of beauty, first as a magnificent bed and breakfast, and since 2000 a full-time historic tour attraction with guest rooms on the grounds.

Fast forward to 2022 and the home and carriage house are now for sale for $1.1 million.

“If you’d like to own a Victorian mansion, we have one for sale,” said Charlien. “George is 74 and it’s time for us to do other things and have some fun. We’re selling the mansion as a residence.”

Built in 1896, the home is rich with history and once served as a hospital. It has seven bedrooms, 5.5 baths and 5,586 square feet of space.

Also for sale is the adjacent carriage house. It has a full commercial kitchen, banquet area and guest suite. The carriage house is 4,300 square feet. The property has multiple gardens and an impressive courtyard with cascading fountain.

Charlien says she received serious interest in Falcon Rest and thought she had a buyer. A deal appeared so close, they decided to take Falcon Rest off the listings at RealTracs. But the deal failed to be finalized and Falcon Rest is once again back on the market and listed for sale.

The mansion remains open for tours, which are available Wednesday thru Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information can be found at by searching for property in the 37110 ZIP code.



Believe it or not, it’s been over five years since our new Hardee’s opened on West Main Street. It was way back when Paul McCartney was just 75.

Hardee’s is currently in the process of getting a few new touches, most notably a digital menu board for its drive-thru and some new signage.

Asked when renovations would be complete, restaurant manager Edrie Wann said, “I wish it would be done tomorrow.” Realistically, she said she expects work to continue for another two weeks.

“There’s new signage and it’s supposed to make the restaurant look brighter and more inviting,” said Edrie.

Downtown activity has picked up in recent years and Edrie says the uptick has been noticeable at Hardee’s. “Everything that’s been going on downtown has really helped our business,” she said.

When it comes to other stores in the district, Edrie says our Hardee’s is a star. The breakfast rush is unbelievable with sausage biscuits and biscuit and gravy the two top sellers. Lunch and dinner have both picked up too, says Edrie, thanks to menu items like the Frisco Burger and chicken tenders.

In what could be classified as bombshell news, Edrie says she thinks milkshakes will be disappearing from the Hardee's menu. Nooooo!



After 30 years in business at D.C. Tires, owner Danny Cummings announced Thursday he’s selling the business. As Danny posted on Facebook, he says it’s time to re-tire. 

“D.C. Tires has been very good to me and would continue to do the next person the same, with great privileges and benefits,” said Danny on Facebook. “I would hope someone that buys it would continue the same services. I have surrounded myself with repeat customers that I have grown, not only just as customers, but close relationships with them, and with their kids, and the kids now have their very own kids. I have served three generations and been very blessed to get to known each and every one of you.”

A popular aspect of the business is the D.C. Tires sign. Danny arranges clever messages to grab the attention of passing motorists. Some signs encourage people to honk.

Danny says some people will see him out and mention a famous quote they’d like to see on his sign. Danny doesn’t believe he’s ever used the sign to advertise anything about his business in 30 years.

“If you think you might like to persue a career in the automotive business, or know someone that might, the next generation is waiting on you,” said Danny. “All lifts, balancers, and tire machines have been updated to the latest and greatest machines to do any work you may want to do.”

He added, “So walk in and start making money. I’m willing to sell it all, business, inventory, property!”

Danny says D.C. Tires will remain open while he looks for a buyer. He said he’s already received a few nibbles.



Now for some bad news. A longtime local industry with 12 employees shut down on Friday. Local plant manager Travis King says TeNac has closed and will not reopen.

“Business sort of went away from us,” said Travis. “We’ve been on the downward slope for a few years but it got to the point there’s not enough work to support this location along with two other locations in Ohio.”

TeNac makes and repairs tire molds. The company located at Mt. View Industrial Park around the time Bridgestone opened in Warren County. In addition to Bridgestone, Travis said there are a number of other major tire manufacturers with huge plants in this region and TeNac has done business with almost all of those.

“We were up to 20 employees at one point but we’re down to 12 now and today will be the last day,” Travis said Friday.

The TeNac building is located at 772 Mt. View Industrial Drive. TeNac purchased the land in 1990 and the building was constructed in 1991, according to property tax records. Adding all the areas together, the building seems to be about 45,000 square feet in all. It’s listed as having a property value of $746,100. 

Travis said he’s not sure of the company’s plans for the property.



As you’re driving out of town on Old Morrison Road, dirt work is taking place not far from the intersection with Liberty Lane.

McMinnville Community Development director David Baird tells me a small subdivision called Harvest Hills has been approved for that area. The property has been divided into 10 lots and is zoned Residential-1.

Being an R-1 zone, the property can only be for single-family homes. R-1 also requires the largest lot size of any residential zone. I sure hope the city protects R-1 and doesn’t allow R-1 lot sizes to be made smaller, an idea which has been floated.

“They have been granted their grading permit and they’re moving dirt now,” said Baird. “They haven’t submitted any type of building permit yet so we don’t know what type of homes we’re going to see.”


Outside of my wedding anniversary and Christmas, the newspaper’s annual Banana Day is one of my favorite days of the year.

Newspaper employees hand out free banana splits – hundreds of them – and discounts are available for newspaper subscriptions. Our office is located at 105 College Street.

When you think of how the price of everything has soared, a subscription to the Standard may be the most affordable thing on the planet. 

Thanks to glorious Banana Day specials, you can get the Standard for just 50.6 cents an issue.

At that price, you can buy 10 editions of the Standard, nearly an entire month, for what you pay for just 1 gallon of gas. A small bag of chips and a Dr Pepper will cost you about as much as an entire month of our great newspaper.

People flock to see magicians like David Copperfield, but the real magic trick is how we’re able to keep your hometown newspaper amazingly affordable in this day of out-of-control inflation and price increases.

Come support the Standard with a subscription to our website or print edition. Banana Day specials will be offered all week. Free banana splits will be served this Friday, June 24, from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. 

Visitors who rush home and change outfits so we won’t recognize them are entitled to a second free banana split.



The Chamber of Commerce is ready to celebrate its 72nd birthday this Thursday from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at the Chamber office on Court Square.

“We want to recognize all the people who helped make this our home,” said Chamber president and CEO Don Vizi. “The whole community is welcome to attend as we celebrate our 72nd birthday. Prater’s will be doing the catering and will provide BBQ sliders and chicken tenders. We’ll have beverages and there will be cake.”

Don says the event will also serve as a collection point for donations for the school system’s Family Resource Center. Toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo will be accepted along with gently used books.

Since food will be served, Don asks for anyone who plans to attend the Chamber's birthday bash to RSVP so they can get an accurate headcount. You can do that by emailing, or by calling the Chamber at 473-6611.