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Dollar General's 12th store coming
Dollar General No.jpg
Warren County's newest Dollar General is under construction on South Chancery Street and Liberty Lane.

Dollar General may not have a plan to take over the world, but it’s doing a pretty good job of dominating the retail landscape.

Warren County’s 12th Dollar General is under construction on the corner of South Chancery Street and Liberty Lane. Over the past year, Warren County has been graced by two new Dollar Generals, one in Viola and one on Sparta Highway near Powers 4-Lane BP.

Dollar General is clearly a chain on the grow after opening a reported 975 new stores last year, in addition to remodeling around 1,000 other locations.

In an interesting tidbit, there are more than 15,000 Dollar General locations across the United States, which surpasses the number of McDonald’s. If Warren County is any indication, we have 11 Dollar General stores currently in operation and one McDonald’s.

According to research from Global Data Retail, 75% of Americans live within five minutes of a Dollar General. That’s compared to 37% of Americans who live within that distance of Walmart.

According to Forbes, Dollar General has reported 29 consecutive years of same-store growth. That bucks the current retail trend where large retailers have been struggling to survive.

Dollar General has been able to achieve success through the convenience of its locations and low prices. According to Business Insider, its prices are generally 20% to 40% lower than grocery and drug stores, attracting cost-conscious consumers.

Business analysts note that one of Dollar General’s biggest differentiators is the chain serves markets that had been vastly underserved. The Dollar General stores in Centertown and Green Hill are prime examples of serving customers in areas that are close to their home where larger retailers like Target or Publix would never locate.