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Communications Evolutions gets new owners after 47 years
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After 47 years of business, Richard and Regenia Myers have sold Communications Evolutions on North Chancery Street. The new owner is Mobile Communications America.

Richard and Regenia Myers have a relationship that's based on good communication.

They've been married for 47 years and for 47 years they've been the owners of Communications Evolutions.

Their ownership of the business ended in December when Richard and Regenia decided to sell their longtime company to Mobile Communications America, which is based in Spartanburg, S.C.

The business will remain operational at its North Chancery Street location, Richard says, and all other employees will remain on board.

"I bought this back in 1974 when Zeke Pelham was running for county executive," said Richard. "Zeke told me he was going to win the race and he needed to sell the business. When I bought it, I was just working part-time. Within the first six months, it became a full-time job."

The business specializes in two-way radio communication. This is most notably used by law enforcement, but is also utilized by many other local, state and federal agencies.

Regenia pointed to the high-speed chase and manhunt which occurred in Warren County on Wednesday as the perfect example of the need for two-way radio communication.

"Most people don't realize how much radios improve our public safety," said Regenia. "Technology will always advance but I don't ever see there not being a need for two-way radios. As long as there's a need for two people to talk back and forth, there will be a need."

When he first got into the business, Richard says there was only one frequency which was used by everyone from dog catchers to ambulance drivers. He says there are now more than 1,000 channels.

Technology has shot through the roof and continues to be upgraded. Regenia pointed out radios now come equipped with GPS tracking so you can pinpoint the location of the user. She said it wasn't too long ago no one had even heard of GPS tracking.

A key part of the business has been building and maintaining towers. Even after the sale of Communications Evolutions, Richard continues to own five towers in Warren, Franklin, Cannon and Grundy counties.

"The tallest tower I ever worked on was an 800-foot tower for Channel 22 in Putnam County," said Richard. "Most of the towers are 300 to 400 feet tall."

Because towers are an essential part of the business to maintain communication, Richard has traveled to remote settings all over the region.

"I remember working on a tower atop Viking Mountain just off the Appalachian Trail," said Richard. "It was 10 miles to the top. It took about 45 minutes to drive the first nine miles and it took about two hours to drive that final mile. That was a tower that was used by the Tennessee Highway Patrol and North Carolina Highway Patrol."

Richard and Regenia expect the business to continue to flourish under new ownership. Mobile Communications has over 900 employees at 70 locations.

"This was a great business that kept us eating," said Richard.

Added Regenia, "God blessed us with good employees who were enjoyable to work with and great customers.  That's what allowed us to be successful. Now we're ready to pass it on to someone else."