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Business Pulse - Planet Fitness launch was out of this world
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Fitness is a great thing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s financial fitness, mental fitness or physical fitness, it pays to strive for any type of fitness.

Along those lines, Planet Fitness at Northgate Center held a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration on Wednesday, complete with music from the Pioneer Pride Marching Band and dancing from the world-famous Pioneerettes. It was a festive occasion with cupcakes.

Perhaps, most impressively, is Planet Fitness members didn’t stop their workouts while the band was playing or while the ribbon was cut. They kept right on going. That included Stephanie Fults, who was breaking a sweat on an elliptical machine just a few feet from tuba players.

John Hrinda, vice president of operations for Planet Fitness, led the ceremony and emphasized the McMinnville facility represents a $2.3 million investment. It has 16 employees.

“Health and fitness are important to everyone,” said Hrinda.

I agree. I’ve been a workout enthusiast for some 30 years and I can say during periods when I feel in good shape it positively impacts my entire life. When you’re fit, you walk with a little more confidence and you feel better about yourself. At least I do.

So on behalf of this newspaper, I welcome Planet Fitness to town. I fully realize it’s a business aimed at making money, but it’s a business with the opportunity to make a difference.

The more people in Warren County we can encourage to exercise, the better. Exercise helps to fend off unwanted pounds. It can turn a bad mood into a good one. And exercise can benefit heart health can perhaps keep folks from taking so much medication.

Felicia Robbins is our Planet Fitness general manager and she’s excited about the task which awaits. She stressed the sprawling facility is a judgment- free zone. “It’s not about looks. It’s about being healthy,” said Felicia. “The people of this community have been amazing so far and Planet Fitness is pleased to be here.”

To show Planet Fitness is serious in its commitment to Warren County, the company donated $1,000 to Kids of the Community with none other than Barry Dishman on hand to accept the check.

It’s never too early, or too late, to start exercising. Physical fitness is a key pillar to having an overall high quality of life. It’s not New Year’s Eve, but you can decide to incorporate more exercise into your life today.

New bakery Arrives Saturday

A tasty addition is coming to Spring Street next weekend. Oh Sugar will make its grand debut this coming Saturday when oven-fresh goodies are available beginning at 10 a.m.

Business owner Penny Crouch is a longtime baker who has been making delicious creations for some 15 years. Oh Sugar will feature her fabulous original cake designs as well as cupcakes, cookies, macarons, banana pudding, and single slices of cakes and pies ready to scarf down.

“I get my love of baking from my grandmother,” said Penny. “If she was cooking for 10, there would be enough food for 50. We never left hungry. I am always eager to try new recipes and I’m always up for requests. But I would say the two biggest sellers will be my custom birthday cakes and cupcakes.”

Local residents may remember Penny had made quite a name for herself when it comes to baking cakes and was receiving very strong business when she decided to start a family with husband Ryan. Three kids later and Penny is ready to make another leap with a retail location at 111 North Spring Street.

“My husband told me if you don’t do it, you’ll never know so I decided to do it,” said Penny. “I’d been looking for the right location for several months when I found this spot and I love it.”

Penny's bakery has a huge kitchen with loads of counter space that will make baking that much easier. The dining room is adequately sized with seating for about 15. Coffee will be served black with a coffee bar available so customers can add syrups and creamers as they see fit.

“People are already asking me if I will serve lunch,” said Penny. “That might be something down the road to give the downtown workers another spot to add to their rotation, but right now I’m going to concentrate on the bakery and getting that right.”

Penny and I discussed the Spring Street parking issue and the fact there are only five parking spaces on that section of road. She admits parking may be perceived as a problem, but said there are plenty of spots on nearby Main Street, on Morford Street, and on the other side of the old Warren County Furniture building.

Her storefront looks great and is just a few months removed from a complete renovation when the vegan restaurant moved in, never gained footing, and left.

“We’ve done so much work and I have to thank my husband, my friends and my parents for all pitching in,” said Penny. “Owning your own bakery gives you creative freedom to do your own thing and I’m ready to go.”

Oh Sugar can be reached at the easy-to-remember number (931) 507-5555. Business hours will be Tuesday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Penny says Oh Sugar will participate in Second Saturday events and stay open till 8 p.m. on those nights. Good luck Penny!

It’s back

Butch Young closed Downtown Service Center on Dec. 31, 2021 and pointed his pickup toward the road to retirement. But somewhere along that road Butch hit a detour that has steered him back to reopening his longtime garage on Sparta Street.

“I’m not a sit-on-thesofa guy,” said Butch. “I’m a guy who has always kept going so I’ve decided to come back and open three days a week. I’ll be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and I hope to be able to keep it to those three days.”

Butch says he will do all the mechanic work and tire work that people have come to expect from Downtown Service Center but he is not going to sell gas. He says that aspect of the business is gone.

“You hardly make anything at all on gas,” said Butch. “By the time you pay an employee to monitor it and then the customer comes in and pays with a credit card, which takes another chunk out of it, you really don’t make anything at all.” It’s great to see Butch back at work and doing something he enjoys. He had the property on the market for about seven months but said he didn’t receive many serious nibbles because operating a garage is hard work many people don't want to do.

For your tire and auto repair needs, remember Downtown Service Center is back in business.

New home repair Business opens

Trey Hobbs has served as the maintenance man at a 280-unit apartment complex in Hermitage for four years. If anything breaks inside any one of those apartments, he’s in charge of fixing it.

“It’s just two of us for 280 apartments so we stay busy,” said Trey. “We fix whatever problems come along. It can be an appliance in the apartment, a ceiling fan, a toilet, whatever is wrong. We’re on call and we fix it.”

With that kind of background, it makes sense for Trey to go into business for himself. There’s a great need for guys like him who can fix just about anything. So Trey has opened Hobbs Home Repair and he’s eager to tackle your home repair needs. He can be reached at (931) 743-2671.

“I’m licensed and fully insured,” said Trey. “I can come out and give you a free quote for what you want to have done.

I’ve been doing this type of work for seven years in all.”

Trey says he can handle any type of bathroom or kitchen remodeling. He can also replace hot water heaters, do plumbing and electrical work and perform any type of home repair. This includes HVAC repairs, painting and hanging sheetrock.

“I do a little of everything and I really enjoy this type of work,” said Trey. “I am not out to gouge people on price. I want to serve this area and provide a good service at the best possible price.”

Trey has the right idea. He’s going to continue his apartment maintenance job in Hermitage for the time being and he hopes to one day have enough work to be able to leave and concentrate solely on local residents.

“I just recently finished wiring a new house being built on Highway 8,” said Trey. “I’m hoping to get my name out there, do good work and grow the business.”

Trey also mentioned he’s on call 24-7 to do any type of emergency work.

That’s all folks

From physical fitness to home fitness, today’s Business Pulse has offered a little of everything. If you’d like to promote your business news in this column, send me an email at editor@southernstandard. com.