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Business Pulse - MPC Signs makes BIG purchase
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MPC Signs co-owner Michael Chrisawn proudly presents the company's 8 ft. x 10 ft. large format UV flatbed printer that can print on just about anything.

Not your usual printer

MPC Signs is, as the name suggests, in the sign business. And they’re in it in a big way; and I mean a really BIG way. Michael Chrisawn, who bought MPC Signs five years ago along with Marty Powers, contacted me recently and wanted to show me a pretty impressive piece of equipment the business bought about six months ago. It’s a 8 ft. x 10 ft. large format UV flatbed printer and I’m here to tell you it’s impressive to see in action. 

“I don’t know of anybody else in Warren County and maybe even in surrounding counties that has a machine with these capabilities. It’s a UV printer which uses ultraviolet inks and it will print a substrate that’s up to 96” by 120” so you can have a 8 ft. x 10 ft. piece of wood or whatever on this table and we can print a sign on it in one fell swoop – no piecing together. If you’re looking to print items like pocket calendars and want to put a logo on them, we can set them on the table at certain intervals and print an entire table’s worth of them all at one time,” Michael said. 

Michael let me see the printer in action and, for a graphic designer such as myself, it was a pretty exciting thing to see. The printer can handle pretty much any format but vector formats hold up best for large print jobs. It’s a CMYK printer but can also use white ink, which not all printers do. The table is covered in little holes that use suction to keep the object to be printed in place while the printer arm sweeps across it. It resembles a giant air hockey table where the air is sucked into the table rather than blowing out. 

The printer takes up a good chunk of the main room at MPC Signs, located at 423 Castle St. While the printer certainly raises the ceiling on what MPC Signs can do, the company is no newcomer to the sign business. MPC Signs sprang out of Metal Products Company, which was founded about 70 years ago. The business began primarily making church signs. Metal Products Company became known far and wide for developing a network of church supply companies. 

Michael worked at Metal Products Company as an employee for many years as the company entered the commercial market. He has seen many changes during his years in the profession.  “The internet has changed the sign business tremendously so we have changed our business model since Marty and I bought the business five years ago. We made the determination at that point that we needed to move more towards the commercial end locally. So, that’s what we’ve been trying to do since we bought the business. We are completely and totally separate from Metal Products Company, though we still service the church industry worldwide. We have signs in Guam, Italy, we have signs worldwide. We ship wherever people want a sign,” Michael said. 

While the company’s work can be seen around the world, one only needs to take a look around Warren County before running into samples of their work locally. “We can pretty much make any kind of sign including electronic message boards. We did signs for Family Care Wellness, Homeland Community Bank, First United Methodist Church, Eastside Elementary and many more,” Michael said. 

While the company deals with many large businesses, Michael says anyone is welcome to come in and take advantage of their services. “We’re open for business. Anybody that wants to come in and print something, we can do it. You give us a picture and we can print it. A lot of people even use printers like this to print wallpaper. We can print on vinyl or acrylic or whatever.”

MPC Signs can be contacted at (931) 473-1016 or by email at

They mean Bizness

As life continues to get back to normal and people get out of their home offices and begin returning to work out in the real world, a premium has been placed on finding a good workspace. The Biz Foundry at 118 S. Court Sq. opened for business locally in November 2019 and had barely begun to find its footing before the pandemic drove people to their homes and away from public work areas. As things settle down a bit, people are not only looking for places to do their work but also for places to hold meetings and events. That’s where the Biz Foundry comes in.

The Biz Foundry offers office spaces or just desk space for a monthly fee which eliminates all the overhead that comes with renting a full office building. Also available are one-day coworking passes. Private offices are $299 per month, dedicated desks are $179 per month, all-access coworking memberships are $99 per month, two days per week coworking memberships are $39 per month and one-day passes are only $15. All memberships include access to all three Biz Foundry locations, printing/copying/scanning, member Wi-Fi, coffee and discounts on meeting and conference rooms, event spaces and privacy booths. As a sign of the rebound that The Biz Foundry is enjoying, all the private offices are currently rented out but there is a waiting list.  

The Biz Foundry is a great option for freelancers, start-ups or just remote workers who don’t have the ability or desire to work from home. Everything from registering for memberships and events to reserving spaces at the Biz Foundry can be done online. 

The Biz Foundry also offers community memberships for free. The free community membership allows access to a variety of services and events through not only the McMinnville Biz Foundry location but also the Cookeville and Sparta locations. One such event is “Pitch It,” coming up on Feb 6 at the Cookeville location at 114 N. Cedar Ave. The program is in partnership with the Upper Cumberland Development District’s Recovery2Work program to allow individuals in recovery to pitch business ideas that can help them and their community. Submissions are open until Jan. 27 and finalists will be announced on Jan. 30. Several networking and educational events are being planned for 2023 at all three Biz Foundry locations, including here in McMinnville. 

For more information about the Biz Foundry, visit To schedule a tour of the McMinnville location, text or call local Biz Foundry liaison Ashley Gillentine Wright at (931) 607-6599.

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