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Business Pulse - Big things happening in Morrison
unitech wc group.jpg
Angela Lynn Photography Warren County leaders gathered at a ribbon-cutting event in Morrison on Jan. 12 to welcome South Korean adhesive manufacturing company Unitech to the Mountain View Industrial Park. Pictured, from left, are Commissioner Brad Hillis, IDB Executive Director Wendy Sneed, Commissioner Chris Rippy, Commissioner Scott Kelly, Commissioner Carlene Brown,Executive Terry Bell, Unitech Chairman Seoung-Ho Lee, TNECD Commissioner Stuart McWhorter, Morrison Mayor Sue Anderson, IDB Secretary/Treasurer Ryan Lorance, IDB Director and Ben Lomand Connect GM/CEO Greg Smartt, IDB Director Scot McDonald, IDB Past-Chair Jenny Nafrada, Chamber of Commerce Chair CK Cayce and Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Melissa Mullins. Not pictured are Commissioner Gary Prater, Executive Chief of Staff Jason Hillis, Morrison Alderman Jeanine Miller, Morrison Alderman Donald Miller, Morrision Alderman William Dillard and Commissioner Steve Glenn.