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Zavogiannis asks for old Drug Court office
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District Attorney Lisa Zavogiannis asked members of the county’s Building and Grounds Committee to let the child support attorney use the office that was recently vacated by the Drug Court. The office is located adjacent to the Circuit Courtroom at Warren County Courthouse.
Zavogiannis said the attorney is now using a small room adjacent to Myra Mara’s office. “Tempers can become flared in such a small space. When you are dealing with people’s children and their money, they get upset easily,” said Zavogiannis.
Mara had also requested use of the room for storage for the overflow of information being stored in her office now. “We’re just out of room,” said Mara.
“I say let whoever needs it the worst have it. I’m interested in making it accessible to more people,” said Commissioner Carl Bouldin.
Commissioner Dwight O’Neal proposed using the vacated office as general space to be used as a child support conference room and also to be used by legal aid.
“If we do that, then Myra can use the room by her office for storage. She can also use the office when she needs to,” said O’Neal.
The commissioners voted 5-0 to allow the vacated office to be used as a general purpose conference room.
Commissioners on the Building and Grounds Committee are Bouldin, O’Neal, Clinton “Pee Wee” Hill, Michael Martin, and Bessie Smithson.