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Young couple faces child neglect charge
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A couple who was almost run over by a tractor trailer while pushing two toddlers in a stroller has been charged with child neglect.The suspects, Holden Nunley, 19, and Chelsie L. Ely, 21, are both charged with aggravated child neglect.Their charges come after Highway Patrolman Gary Myers saw the pair pushing a 2-year-old and an 11-month-old in a double stroller along Viola Highway (Highway 108). Worried there was no room on the shoulder of highway, Trooper Myers asked the couple if they needed any assistance and they declined saying they were fine.Myers said he then began to turn around in a nearby driveway and looked back to see the near miss.“The truck swerved into the oncoming traffic lane in a curve to avoid running over them,” Myers said in his warrant against the pair. “They never looked up as it went by.”Myers said confronted the pair about their carelessness and then found out they had been texting and not watching where they were going.“They were texting on the phone about sex while placing children in a life-threatening situation,” Myers said, noting he arrested the pair and the children were taken by children’s services.The incident was just the beginning as lawmen went to the home and found it to be in squalor.“The odor was unbearable,” Myers wrote in his report, noting there was the presence of urine and feces on the carpet inside the children’s bedroom.