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Yellow Dot shows way to medical information
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Seconds count when there’s a medical emergency so the quicker first-responders can get information on their patient, the better the chance of their survival.That’s the idea behind the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Yellow Dot program.“When first-responders come up on a scene of a wreck or a medical issue, knowing their patient’s medical background is invaluable,” said Tennessee Highway Patrol Lt. Jimmy Neal.With that in mind, TDOT is offering Yellow Dot packages free of charge.Inside the package is a yellow sticker people are asked to put on their back window. By affixing the sticker, it will communicate to first-responders there is a package in the glove compartment containing vital medical information about the driver.“Sometimes they come up on scenes where the person is unconscious and unable to communicate,” Neal said.By filling out the medical background contained in the package, the driver is providing his or her medical issues. This will make treatment much quicker, allowing medical treatment to proceed within the “golden hour” after a medical event such as heart attack or stroke.While the information inside the packet is crucial, Neal said it is very important it is accompanied by a picture of the person.“Sometimes people will borrow cars or they’ll be driving someone else’s vehicle,” Neal said.