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Working to fund teacher raises
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A 4 percent raise for teachers ordered by the state is a welcome relief for educators, but at the same time has put pressure on the local school system to make ends meet.“The raise is a good thing and a blessing but it also creates an issue,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox, noting the state’s mandatory 4 percent raise for teachers is only partially funded by the state, making the raise, in essence, an underfunded mandate.The state of Tennessee will fund 70 percent of the teacher raises, meaning Warren County will have to come up with the other 30 percent. Since they are raises in salary, that means those increases will continue each year in the future.The same isn’t true for classified personnel (those who are not teachers or instructors) as the state forgot them in its round of salary increases.“They need raises. They deserve raises,” Cox said, pointing to the support staff as people who keep the schools running.