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Woman wrestles deputy for gun, tries to hijack patrol car
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A Morrison woman faces nine charges after she led lawmen on a harrowing car chase and then wrestled with a deputy over his gun Saturday afternoon.
The suspect, Lori R. Mayo, 37, is charged with armed assault, resisting arrest, evading arrest, second-offense DUI, and driving on a suspended license.
Her charges come after a motorist reported seeing the woman driving erratically in her Nissan Altima on Sparta Highway. When deputies arrived, Mayo reportedly took off at high speeds, running onto the wrong side of the four-lane highway in an attempt to evade capture.
She was forced onto the median by pursuing officers fearing she would hit someone head-on.
Mayo’s vehicle became stuck, according to sheriff’s reports, prompting her to bail out of her car and run away on foot. Deputy Al Stotts was able to grab the woman, but she was able to kick the officer and break his grasp and continue her run.
It was at that point, as she ran across to Hutchins Auto, deputy Jim Shields pulled up in his patrol unit and began a foot pursuit of Mayo, who led him around the building. Mayo then jumped into the officer’s running car, prompting Shields to pull his firearm due to the fact there were other weapons in the patrol unit she could gain access to.
The woman, however, had other ideas as she began to hit the accelerator. Shields then opened the door and jumped in with the woman, trying to stop the patrol car. It was at that point, Mayo grabbed the deputy’s gun and allegedly tried to point it at him and pull the trigger.
“She was holding the throttle to the floor,” Shields said in his report of the incident. “I pushed in on the brake to stop the car from moving.”
Seeing the pair fighting over the gun, Stotts said he was faced with a decision.
“I had to decide whether to shoot her or pepper spray her,” Stotts said. “I decided to use my pepper spray.”
The blast of spray stopped the fight cold with both suffering from the blast of debilitating gas. Mayo was then taken into custody but not before officers had to wrestle the woman into shackles at the scene.
Sheriff Jackie Matheny noted there were no shots fired and the sheriff’s vehicle was not taken onto the highway with Mayo behind the wheel.