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Woman under sink receives jail time for other charges
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A female fugitive who flooded her friend’s home when she knocked out a water pipe while hiding from lawmen under the bathroom sink has been given probation.
The woman, Mary Nunley, 29, was granted an 11-month, 29-day probationary sentence Tuesday when she entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to charges of evading arrest and falsifying a drug test.
She did not escape jail time, however, on charges of failure to appear in court and violation of probation. Judge Locke ordered Nunley to serve the balance of her former sentence for violating probation, plus an additional 10 days for failing to appear in court.
Nunley was wanted for falsifying a drug test and was hiding inside a friend’s home when lawmen arrived. While refusing to come to the door, officers saw the curtains move inside the residence and were convinced she was inside. Their suspicions were confirmed when the resident came home and revealed Nunley was texting her from her hiding place underneath the bathroom sink.
Deputy Billy Joe Crouch read the texts.
“The cop are here dont come here,’” Crouch recalled, writing the warrant in short hand text language like appeared on the phone. “im hideing under the sink in ur bathroom, tel them that u havent seen me they wil proably say they seen me at the door.”
When officers gained entry to the house, they found Nunley exactly where she said she was, that being under the bathroom sink. However, as she was getting out of her hiding place, lawmen say her foot hit a pipe.
“As she was getting out, her foot hit the water line causing the house to flood with water,” Crouch noted.