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Woman steals while consulting her attorney
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A woman faces fraud and theft charges after she stole from her own attorney’s secretary while at his office to plan her legal defense on another criminal case.
The suspect, Sandy Jewell Bratcher, faces charges of fraudulent use of a credit card, theft and forgery after she was caught using a credit card stolen from the law offices of Farrar, Holliman & Medley on Main Street. The items were specifically taken from the pocketbook of a secretary at the legal firm.
According to police, Bratcher went to the law offices with a friend to discuss her upcoming traffic court case involving a minor moving violation with her attorney. While in the office, her friend engaged members of the staff in conversation and Bratcher was left alone in the room for a short period. It was during that short unsupervised time police believe Bratcher went through the secretary’s purse and took the wallet, rifling through it for valuables.
The theft was not discovered for some time after the pair left the office. The victim eventually discovered her wallet was missing and a search of the area was conducted by the staff. It was then the maroon eelskin wallet was found discarded in a bathroom with several items including $50 cash, a check for $138 and various credit cards missing.
The whereabouts of the credit cards soon became obvious as Bratcher reportedly passed the cards at New Smithville Highway Shell where she bought a carton of cigarettes for $34. She also passed the card across the street at Pump N Pay, running up a $97 tab there. However, her attempt to pass the check she stole from the pocketbook was unsuccessful as employees at Northside Market knew the victim and refused to cash the check knowing Bratcher was trying to pass a forgery.