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Woman smuggles drugs into jail
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A woman had issues with her incarceration recently when she was hit with several new charges when she made an appearance to begin serving time she already owed.The woman, Alycia Hankey, 23, is charged with introduction of drugs into a penal institution and disorderly conduct.Her problems started last week when she showed up to serve 48 hours for a prior conviction.“She overdosed in the lobby,” said Warren County Jail corrections officer Joseph Vanbommel in his warrant against Hankey, noting she was taken to River Park Hospital for treatment.In addition to her overdose, the individual who provided her ride to jail also got into trouble when lawmen noted he was in no condition to be driving.“Her boyfriend, Christopher Lee Cripps, was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and appeared confused and disoriented,” Vanbommel said, noting he admitted taking prescription medication. “They were both dangers to themselves and society.”Following the charges of public intoxication last week, Hankey was again hit with charges when jailers found she had smuggled drugs and contraband into the jail.According to correctional officer Sharon Reed, Hankey was witnessed inside her cell removing items from inside her body. Upon being confronted by jailers, Hankey produced two packages, one containing tobacco, rolling papers and a lighter, the second holding 55 pills.