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Woman gets time for meth lab
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An orange hoodie will cost a woman six months behind bars after she was busted fleeing on a stolen four-wheeler.


The woman, Amanda Michelle Arnold, 35, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to charges of grand theft and initiating the process to manufacture methamphetamine. She was directed to serve 180 days of an eight-year sentence, pay $2,000 plus costs, perform 40 hours public service work and undergo a drug and alcohol assessment. She will be allowed to participate in the Coffee County Drug Court.


Her jail time comes after Sheriff’s Sgt. Billy Joe Crouch spotted someone on a four-wheeler wearing an orange hoodie. The four-wheeler crossed from Newt McKnight Road into an open field. The officer turned around and started looking for the four-wheeler since it had been on the roadway. It is illegal to ride a four-wheeler on a public highway.


While not immediately locating the four-wheeler, the officer came upon a woman walking along the road. Their conversation left him suspicious.


“She said she didn’t know anything, but I noticed she had an orange hoodie under her arm and dirt on her shoes,” Crouch recalled.


With his suspicions raised, Crouch went into the woods and found the four-wheeler. The key was missing from the ignition. A run of the identification number revealed the four-wheeler had been reported stolen.


With Arnold now a theft suspect, lawmen went to her home. She ran into the woods when they showed up. They left and returned a short time later, at which time she opened the door for them and allowed them to search her home looking for the four-wheeler key.


She eventually told lawmen where the key was hidden but not before they found numerous items commonly used in the production of meth. They would discover it was just the tip of the iceberg.


“The area was searched and a large meth lab was found in the woods and in the outbuildings,” Crouch revealed in his warrant against Arnold.


The eight-year sentence, the balance of which she will serve on probation once her jail time is complete, comes as result of the meth lab. The two-year sentence for four-wheeler theft was run concurrently with her meth time.