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Woman found shot at fair
fair suicide attempt.Still003

An Indiana woman was airlifted after an apparent suicide attempt in the parking lot of the Warren County A&L Fair.
The woman, Kaje M. Svendsen, 33, was found inside her vehicle Friday morning. The vehicle was near the carnival worker area in the lower parking lot closest to the church league ballfields.
According to Sheriff Jackie Matheny, the woman had traveled from Indiana seeking a job with the carnival company affiliated with the fair. She was hired.
She left the midway and was last seen around 3 a.m. Friday morning. She was found unresponsive and bleeding from the head around 9 a.m., still inside her vehicle parked next to a carnival trailer.
She was taken across the street by ambulance for an airlift from the outfield of one of the church league ballfields. The landing stirred attention of both fair-goers and the numerous school students who were competing in fair school games on the other fields.
Matheny said investigators are convinced there was no foul play involved and the bullet wound to the head was self-inflicted. The 22-caliber pistol she used was found in her car. Her condition was unknown at press time.
Matheny pointed out the rumor mill wasted little time in sparking fear from those who believed unsubstantiated reports there had been a murder at the fair.
“This was just an isolated incident,” Matheny said. “The fair is safe.”

As many of you may know, there was an incident that occurred prior to the midway opening this morning. We would like everyone to know that this was an isolated incident. Indications are that this was an incident of self-inflicted harm, and there is absolutely no danger to the general public. We are working with the authorities and doing everything we can to assist the person involved. The fair and carnival rides are open as scheduled.