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Woman dies after jumping from moving Jeep
Police lights
A woman died after jumping from a moving vehicle Friday night.

A woman jumped to her death from a moving vehicle Friday night on Sparta Highway.

Melissa Ford, 45, died from the injuries she sustained after she decided to exit a Jeep driven by her boyfriend that was traveling at highway speeds.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Ford was reportedly drinking Friday night at the Eagle Club in the Rock Island area. She was there with her boyfriend, George Everett Odineal, 50.

Ford and Odineal began to argue at the club and made the decision to leave. The argument continued as the two were traveling home with Odineal driving.

It was while the two were heading inbound on Sparta Highway that Ford reportedly made a decision that resulted in her death. Upset with the way the argument was going, Ford reportedly made a statement along the lines that “she was getting out of here.”

Before Odineal could react, Ford reportedly opened the passenger-side door and jumped out of the Jeep. She was run over by the back wheels of the vehicle in addition to a hard impact with the road surface.

The incident took place in the area of Sparta Highway near its intersection with Old Rock Island Road. It was reported around 9:45 p.m. Friday night.

Emergency responders rushed to the scene. Ford was reportedly revived by EMS and an attempt was made to transport her to the hospital. However her injuries, including a significant head injury, were too much to overcome.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol said alcohol was involved earlier in the night, but there is no indication if any charges will stem from the incident.