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Woman cries rape, then recants story
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A woman who cried rape has been charged with making a false report after she admitted to making up the entire story.The woman, Melissa M. Stevens, 28, has been charged with filing a false report and could potentially face jail time herself since she was claiming a felony had been committed against her by another person.Her lie began when she spoke to McMinnville police officer Eddie Colwell and told him she had been raped. She told the officer the incident happened about a week before her report when she went to a residence near her own to meet with a man.“She stated she and (the man) began showing each other various body piercings at which time he began to fondle her,” Colwell wrote in his warrant against Stevens. “She then stated he forced her to have sex.”The woman went on to tell the officer the man threatened to kill her if she did not keep what happened a secret.After making the report, the woman returned the next day, prior to the suspect being arrested.