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Woman airlifted
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A woman was airlifted Tuesday after her car drifted off the road, hit a ditch and flipped in the air.
Warren County resident Alicia McKenzie, 39, was the injured victim from the wreck which happened around 12:45 p.m. on Old Nashville Highway near Kat’s Diner.
According to the Highway Patrol, McKenzie was the lone occupant of a Ford Focus. She was transported to Warren County Memorial Airport via ambulance and was airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center from there.
“I’m thankful she was wearing a seatbelt,” said trooper Josh Sparkman. “This could have been much worse. Without a seatbelt, she probably would have been ejected.”
McKenzie was traveling on Old Nashville Highway away from McMinnville when the accident took place. According to an eyewitness who saw the wreck unfold, she is not sure why McKenzie left the road.
“I saw her drift over and her car was straddling the center line,” said Billie Merriman, who watched the wreck from her rearview mirror. “She just kept drifting and didn’t stop. Had there been a car coming in the other direction, they would have hit head-on. But there wasn’t so she keep right on drifting and went into the ditch. She hit really hard. Her car flipped up, clipped that pole and overturned.”
Merriman said she and another lady stopped and ran to McKenzie’s aid. They found her unconscious and still buckled in, but the impact had knocked her into the passenger seat.
“I ran up and was just hoping there were no kids in the car,” said Merriman. “I wasn’t going to touch her unless the car caught on fire.”